New album out

Lo and behold ... the new IO vision has been captured and revealed. Reviews are absolutely gobsmacking and we are positive, this album has left its mark on progressive Death Metal. Out on mighty Willowtip Records ...


Second 2016 teaser

Well, I finally got my act together and sat down and fiddled around with a bunch of camera recordings I did over the past few months. This resulted in the second IO album teaser.


Third IO track is being recorded right now

Behold! At the moment we are recording the third new track for the forthcoming 2016 album. This track is entitled "Vision wallows about in symphonies of light". Another 10 minutes monster which will probably feature some piano and progressive postmodern Jazz tunes.


Video in the works

IO are currently working on a video clip, which will proabably be released by the end of 2015. The track which we are gonna use for the video will be fragments from "A Mote constitutes what to me is not all and eternally all is nothing".


2015/2016 line-up

PERMANENT MEMBERS: Paul Wielan on drums Florian Engelke on rhythm/lead guitars/vocals SESSION MEMBERS: arrrd(XUL) on session bass/vocals/synths Lille Gruber (Defeated Sanity) on session drums Maren Poelman on vibraphone Jan Ferdinand on session solo guitars


New youtube teaser of the forthcoming IO release

New youtube teaser of the forthcoming IO release which will be out on Willowtip Records in 2016 at



And now for something completely different: mighty Lille of mental deathsters Defeated Sanity will join forces with us as session drummer for the forthcoming 2016 album, which is glad tidings indeed. The first two tracks have been incinerated already with Paul Wielan on drums and are being mixed and mastered. There will be another two tracks, so in total IO will have captured four tracks. Some of the tracks will be perfected by Lille's percussion mastery so some of the tracks will feature two drummers just like in the good old times of progressive rock :-)



We are more than happy to announce we are back at our old domain The last months have been a drag when it comes to domain grabbers and other petty party poopers. But here we are, stronger than ever. And most certainly the wait was worth it. Our lush collaboration with Dawid and Rafal has spawned this beauty of a website. Lo and rejoice. You will also find current IO news at,,,,,,,,


Ingurgitating Oblivion personnel changes

Ingurgitating Oblivion would like to announce that owing to personal as well as musical issues amongst its band members, the "Continuum of Absence" line-up will part ways. Hermesdorf/Neugebauer/Pfeil/Kreienbrink will continue under a new moniker. Engelke will keep the name Ingurgitating Oblivion and continue his musical endeavours.