Originally a vision instigated by Florian (rhythm / lead guitars) in 1997, IO finally shaped up in their present constellation in 2014. Between 1997 and 2000, at the outset of the project, IO (then, still under the monicker "of trees and orchids") strived to determine quite a particular sound. That is, the outfit drew from inspirational sources ranging from Doom, Death, Ambient, Fusion to Black Metal. Between 1997 and 2000, the 1998 "Fragmente aus dem Flie├čenden" and 2000 "thought-cathedral" demos were released as the band's first observations. Around 2001 Sascha (later on rhythm guitars) joined in on bass. The band released their third effort in 2001 entitled "Cadence and Perspective in Desolation". With this observation IO developed and explored a distinct lyrical as well as musical focus. As a matter of fact, it was with this release that the decision was made in favor of a clean slate beginning. And thus the band changed its name into Ingurgitating Oblivion or IO. In 2004 / 2005, IO engraved further vistas of black, complex, intricate Death Metal entities. That year, the "Poetry of the Flesh" demo was hurled into nothingness and the outfit managed to garner a wider appreciation both nationally as well as internationally. In 2005, IO tracked their infamous "Voyage towards Abhorrence" which was released through Unmatched Brutality Records / USA at the time and helped spreading IO's vision. It was at this time that Christian enlisted with IO on bass. Shortly after "Voyage (...)" had been given birth to, then-drummer Floboter departed. This vacant post was filled by Ingo of Fetocide. The "Enigmatic Symmetries" demo elucidated those worthy and august individuals who were granted the honor to give it a listen in 2008/2009. "Enigmatic Symmetries" is a churning maelstrom of technical drums, subsonic atrocities, frantic vocal obscurities and multi-dimensional guitar atonalities. This output is to be regarded as the matrix of the output which was to follow as a full-length. It was in 2012 that IO joined the noble roost of high quality bands at Willowtip / USA. And indeed, it is fair to say IO are proud to have teamed up with this truly forward-thinking record label! It was in 2014 the long-awaited "Continuum of Absence" finally saw the light of day. Shortly before releasing "Continuum of Absence" the IO members parted ways. Florian continued under the name IO/Ingurgitating Oblivion being in charge of all rhythm as well as lead guitars plus vocals. Florian is now teaming up with Adrian Bojarowski (aka arrrd(XUL)) on session vocals, synths and bass and Paul Wielan on drums. In 2016, IO will release their third official album. The album title still has to be determined and shall be announced once IO have agreed on a worthy one. This release will be published via Willowtip Records again, which is awesome. As you can surmise from the teaser given in the media-category of this website or on youtube, our voyage is still bound for progressive, intricate, profound as well as multi-layered sonic shores. The new material will include tons of unexpected, yet sensible as well as consciously interwoven elements and we will further dwell on our passion for progressive composition. Also, it goes without saying that the 2016 release will represent an even more mature and refined level of musical literacy which is due to the laid-back atmosphere in which IO currently (as in late 2015) record the new material, but first and foremost owing to the sublime personnel involved in IO at the moment. This album will be recorded with Paul Wielan on drums along with Lille Gruber of Defeated Sanity on session drums, Adrian on session bass and Florian on vocals/all guitars. It goes without saying there will be some exciting guest performances included as well.