Ingurgitating Oblivion

Continuum of Absence


IO's stately 2014 conglomerate of uttermost doom, complexity and dissonance cast into one masterpiece of liquid sonic obsidian. An profound observation emanating madness, bringing forth the essence of fear and cacophonous beauty. This output represents 9 years of hardship and conflict. Two and a half years prior to this album the line-up at the time split up, so that putting this out was quite a drag. So listening to it is twice as much worth it.

Ingurgitating Oblivion

2016 Release


In 2016 IO will release their third official album. The album title has to be determined still and shall be announced once IO have agreed on a worthy one. This release will be published via Willowtip Records again, which is awesome. Certainly the quality of the recording as well as the musicianship have progressed remarkably due to significant changes in the line-up. This album will be recorded with Paul Wielan on drums and Lille Gruber on session drums to add some additional awe-inspiring tinges to some compositions. You find a teaser in the media/music samples section which foreshadows what is to come.

Ingurgitating Oblivion

Enigmatic Symmetries


In 2011, after six years of clandestine band-activity, Ingurgitating Oblivion hurled forth "Enigmatic Symmetries". The drum position had been changed and the "Enigmatic Symmetries" demo does document this change of mood within the band as the compositional approach had evolved towards utter chaos, bleakness and franticness. "Enigmatic Symmetries" shows off a natural production, prime aggression paired with epic pieces of (a)tonal lunacy. As always, the lyrics are beautifully written and accomplish the overall performance. Clearly, this demo (which earned IO a record deal with Willowtip / USA) grants a glimpse of what was bound to follow … the long-awaited 2014 release.

Ingurgitating Oblivion

Voyage towards Abhorrence


After more than eight years of tossing and toiling in the scene, Ingurgitating Oblivion finally got their act together and conjured up "Voyage towards Abhorrence". The "poetry of the flesh" demo tracks got re-recorded (in fact, Florian re-recorded the bass tracks and parts of the guitars) and the demo pieces were supplemented by two additional tracks. The album combines sludgy heaviness, doomy down-heartedness, blistering ferocity and snaky meanness. "Voyage towards Abhorrence" certainly was a turning point in Ingurgitating Oblivion's history.

Ingurgitating Oblivion

Poetry of the Flesh


"Poetry of the Flesh" clearly heralded a new level of professionalism, intricacy and perfection in Ingurgitating Oblivion's sound. This demo received very positive acclaim and earned the band a deal with US based Unmatched Brutality Records. The line-up had undergone quite a bit of upheaval: the vocalist, rhythm guitarist as well as the bass slot had been filled with new band members. Arguably, the most remarkable change was the fact that the former drummer had been replaced by Florian Neumeyer who pushed for perfection, precision and compositional consistency. As a consequence, this one was by far the most proficient release in the IO catalogue at the time. This demo is brutal, intricate and, for some strange reason, almost beautiful.

Ingurgitating Oblivion & Senescence



"Harvest" was an ambitious project kicked off by braindead doom-drone-industrial Senescence and Ingurgitating Oblivion. The objective was to interpret a profoundly moving fruit-corpses still life by Joel-Peter Witkin entitled "harvest". On Ingurgitating Oblivion's part, one could observe a band clad in a warped sonic attire, displaying a high level of aggression and depth. The IO tracks used for this demo continued to explore sonic complexities and evoked a feeling of utter desolation. IO also used the "harvest" tracks for their "cadence and perspective in desolation" demo. Back in the day, Tim Klöcker's Senscence generated some pretty fucked-up progressive avant-garde doom which was heavily laden with blackened tonal mire, whining vocals and super-heavy guitar drones. One of the most sublime elements was the fact these crazies implemented some exquisitely mental saxophone squeaks in their compositions. Completely mental!

Of Trees and Orchids

Thought Cathedral


"thought-cathedral" is the second demo / album of trees and orchids put out as a three-piece. Back then, Dirk (formerly Despondency) was in charge of drums and he did perpetuate his name with the awe-inspiring job he did on this one. "thoughtcathedral" clearly marks a rapid rogression within the outfit. The tracks were composed between 1998 and 2000 and recorded in 2000/2001 and naturally document the maturation process of the band. At the turn of the century of trees and orchids played more intricate, sophisticated and brutal material than captured on the debut. Lyrically Florian focused on escapist reveries dealing with the power of contemplation. This demo comes with blastbeats, 7string guitars, female vocals and some pretty massive tracks lasting more than 7 minutes.

Ingurgitating Oblivion

Cadence and Perspective in Desolation


"Cadence and Perspective in Desolation" was released as the first demo under the name of Ingurgitating Oblivion, which Florian came up with around 2000/2001. It wasn't just the name which marked a progression, it was the sonic attire, the high level of aggression and depth the tracks on this one displayed. Clearly, the band continued to explore sonic complexities and evoked a feeling of utter desolation in their songs. This release was sent to a couple of labels only.

of Trees and Orchids

Fragmente aus dem Fließenden


"Fragmente aus dem Fließenden" was recorded as of trees and orchids' debut release in 1998, following several years of preparation. The band was originally founded by Florian in 1995/1996 and the tracks on this album were the proverbial first attempt at walking. As a matter of fact, the creations on this record were inspired by In the Woods, My Dying Bride, old Emperor, Arcturus, Old Funeral and the likes.